Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC

Make sure you DO NOT get your car valet parked. I was at a company holiday party at the Dirty Habit which had to be more near $10,000. When I left to get my car at 9:10pm, I gave the very flustered valet guys my ticket and they proceeded to tell me it would be 35 minutes because the caps game just let out. Understandable. Ten minutes later, I heard a man give them his ticket and the valet guy said, “you’re next.” Confused, I went up and asked when my car would be here. He said, “you just came up here- I said 35 minutes! The caps game just let out.”

I went back to standing in the 30 degree weather waiting for my car. Cars kept getting pulled up, mine however still wasn’t there. It was now and the man behind me finally got his car. Multiple people after us kept getting their cars. Confused and at this point annoyed, I went up the man yet AGAIN and asked him where my car was and why it was taking so long. He straight up ignored me. As I was walking away he said “you see it?”

At this point I was highly irritated. I went inside to the front desk and explained what was happening, the lady said “let’s see where your car is,” good intentions I am sure, however all she did was walk outside and ask THE SAME GUY where my car was, he said it was next in line. (Something I have now heard five times). 10 more minutes went by and at this point I’m furious.

I went up to the stand where there was a new woman standing, I told her what was going on and she looked for my keys didn’t see them and said all of her guys were out so it should be here soon. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said, “you can say anything you want to me,” I told her how annoyed I was and she didn’t reassure me AT ALL, just coped an attitude. After this it was 10:30pm (an hour and 20 minutes I’ve been waiting outside for my car that was supposed to take 35 minutes). I went inside and asked to speak to a manager in which the man told me he would refund me but since I had a voucher from my company he can’t do anything. He also needed my ticket which the vallet people took from me. No help, whatsoever. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Here’s the best part, at 10:36pm I finally see my car. He valet guy gets out of my car immediately apologizing because he has lost my keys. LIVID and exhausted, I loaded everything into my car and said, “it wouldn’t have start without keys.” It’s 2017 and like most newer models, my car is push to start – which doesn’t take a genius to figure out. They had lost my car keys a while ago and didn’t feel the need to tell me. He must’ve either A.

Dropped my keys out of my car when he went to go get it and it still started or B. The keys are still in his pocket. Regardless, now I have no car keys and lost an hour and a half of my life waiting for these very unprofessional, non customer friendly vallet people to find my car.

Completely unprofessional and down right unacceptable. My money and my company’s money WILL NEVER be spent at this establishment ever again. You lost yourself a lot of business last night.

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