Capitol Hill Hotel

While the staff was friendly enough, we didn’t really enjoy our stay for the following reasons:
– the Openkey app that they insisted I download not only drained my data/battery, my phone then died and I couldn’t access my room by the time I got there (room wasn’t in the same building as main lobby check in desk).

This app then disabled my key and my guests’ physical room key half way through my stay which required me + my handicapped guest to climb up/down 5 flights to resolve the issue. Your app also listed my check-out time as 4:33pm but check out was clearly by 12pm.
– This reservation was made through Hotel Tonight where other hotels have more of a transparent pricing policy. Capitol Hill Hotel had a $25/night amenity fee should have been included in the total price advertised… so it was deceiving for it not to be.

– Hotel should have disclosed that we would be in a separate building that didn’t house the fitness center, among other amenities that we were charged for.

– The bike rental is great, but bikes aren’t well maintained. Both bikes we borrowed had tires that were low on air, and my guest’s bike chain kept popping off which then required us to push our bikes 2 miles back to the hotel.
– Prior to arrival, hotel should have disclosed that we would be climbing 5 flights of stairs multiple times per day. Not great for someone with a back injury and trying to carry lots of heavy shopping bags that I shouldn’t be carrying in the first place due to injury.

Tried to resolve this with management well over a month ago and they still have yet to respond or even issue an apology. At the end of the day, the experience wasn’t what was advertised. We were in a different building (a 5 floor walk up), apart from the amenities, and were given bikes that were as broken as this hotel’s integrity & professionalism.

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