Cambria Hotel College Park

My family and I booked a room for few days via a corporate partner as our home is in the path of Hurricane Florence, so we were looking forward to getting away and having the opportunity to relax.

Albeit a beautiful and new hotel, Our experience since checking in on Wednesday evening has been nothing but that. There has been so much confusion since we have arrived along with quite a few inconveniences that have made this everything but a comfortable visit.

1. Upon arrival, my mother and husband checked-in to the room and got a parking tag for our vehicle. We arrived in pouring rain and were most concerned about getting to safety, getting our bags out of the car and getting out of our wet travel clothes after driving for about 5 hours. My husband spoke with the front-desk associate multiple times to confirm amenities and options for extending our stay in the event that the storm lasted longer.

We showered, changed, and came down to the lobby to head to dinner. The same associate waved goodbye to us. Upon our return an hour later, the associate loudly yells at my husband and I as we walk into the hotel:
“What room are you staying in ? What’s your name?” in a lobby that had quite a few folks present. This was quite embarrassing.

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