South Oaks Hospital

My son was admittedto SO because he is Bi Polar and his meds needed to be adjusted, we went to Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson Ny Emergency room, he has been in Mather three time over the years and they were excellent. Mather did not have a bed so they took him to SO and what an absolute nightmare, someone should seriously investigate them I have never experienced anything like it. First my son also suffers from Ulcerated Colities and told them when he was admitted that he needed a special diet, they told him they would get him a dietician. 5 days later he still had not seen any dietician and he had not eaten for 5 days.
The unit he is on is horrific patients are allowed to do whatever they want, they throw chairs pull each others hair and the staff does absolutely nothing, nada, not a thing, one PA told a patient to go F himself. One guy in there attacked my son punched him in the eye so my son said he did not feel safe and wanted to go home. Nope can’t go home but they will make sure the guy is watched, that very night he fires a chair at my son while I am there. What does the staff do ? asks my son and I to go into one room while they take care of him, when we come out of the room the guy is wandering around, in the mean times others are compalining about this guy, one young girl won’t come out of her room because she is so afraid the staff just simply ignores them, it is a nightmare.

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