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I was so disappointed when I visited her for the second time when I was 30 weeks along. Not only she forgot to set the appointment for the diabetic test for me, but also what she said to me was so… unprofessional and even hurt me mentally so bad. I have been fighting with PTSD and it’s been hard last  since I have had a miscarriage with my first baby and a month after the miscarriage my late husband died in a car accident he and I had in early morning, I had to walk in the dark to find him ejected from our car and died on the highway.

It was 3 .5 months after we finally started living together in the states as a married couple after made it through the 22 months of waiting time being far away, not being able to see each other in each countries for my green card to come.  It must be on my chart. I have been fighting with the ptsd, it can cause me panic attack and over breathing. I was talking about it to her to tell her I had a bad one right before the visit. She smiled at me like I’m just whining and said “Anyone can get upset. 🙂 ”

It made me sure that she hasn’t read my chart.  Another doctor seemed to care more about it for me, but not her. Both of the visits I made with her, I had to wait soooo long too. Like first one my appointment was at 8:30 and I saw her at 9:15..
I don’t think she is a bad doctor or person. I understand doctors are busy and it seems like not checking patients chart can happen often. But it is not part of their job??

Like we all have responsibilities to complete each of our job?? Or because i only know how they do in the hospitals where I am from? I’m from Japan and Japanese OBGYNs do much different than here. I’ve seen good doctors here in the states of course but she isn’t one of them.

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