Howard University Hospital

Aside from Greater Southeast(idk the new name) this is THE WORST hospital inside of Washington, DC. The service all throughout the hospital is unprofessional and unacceptable!!! The staff are some of the rudest people that I’ve ever encountered and am always in disbelief that these people actually have customer service jobs.

The security guards don’t do anything, but talk to their buddies and sit on their asses. If you dare to ask a staff member for help or directions they turn their faces up at you like you are bothering them. I can’t tell you how many times that I have been hung up on or placed on hold for the person to never return.

Oh and that pediatrics’ department is a whole shitty mess since Dr. Bradley is no longer there. She was the ONLY reason that I dared to ever enter that place. Now that she’s gone I have no reason to go back. I wouldn’t take my dog there for treatment and have told my family and friends that if it’s between me dying or going to HUH I’m ready to go meet my maker.

So serious!!! Whatever you do DO NOT GO TO HUH IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!!! SN: Any 5 star review is probably from a staff member, their family or someone paid them to give a good comment(fake news).

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