George Washington University Hospital

this is the worst hospital i ever went to… obgyn james benson told me i was not pregnant gave me a very painful sonogram and i end up having a miscarriage at 4 months ! i requested my records from his office and he states that he confirmed my pregnancy and that i went to see him for irregular periods which is all a lie !

i was feeling the baby move up until the day i seen him. he had a student follow him in the process of becoming a doctor and all she could do was look at me amd cry smh i didnt know why until i started bleeding 4 days later . i bled for 3 whole weeks and my hcg level was still 72 ! no way my urine was negative like he told me and he took 2 sonogram pictures and left out the room ! what are you taking pictures of and the screen was so dark we could barely see anything ao i dint understand how he could . dont trust doctors they steal, kill and destroy

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