Columbia Fertility Associates

I have been to them 2 or 3 times and they have sent me the bills and I told them I want to do a monthly payment since I have hospital bills and other doctor bills to pay.   Back in November we agreed to a payment plan and I would pay the monthly which I have.

In December or January they sent me a letter that if I do not pay the full amount within 10 days they will send my account to the collection agency.  So I called their office and they said it was probably a mistake and that they will fix it and that I only need to pay the amount we had agreed on.

Now yesterday again I get another letter saying the same that if I do not pay my bill in full they will send my account to the collection agency.  It seems they may have dementia and keep doing the same thing.  So this morning I called the office and spoke to one person from billings and collections and I explained to her everything and she did acknowledged that back in November I had called and agreed to a payment plan,

The person then had to transfer me to the actual office so i can take it up with them AGAIN, so now I’m dealing with Ms. Day from the front desk, I explained to her my situation that there is no way I can pay the full amount since I have hospital bills and other doctor bills I’m also paying.

So Ms Day had the audacity to ask me how did it lead to this? Why all these medical bills?  That made me so mad!  Why would a receptionist or the front desk ask me “why I have been going to so many doctors or hospital visits?”   Who the hell are you to question me and ask such question?

Like I just decided to get sick and visit the doctor offices and hospitals, since I love it so much and love to get myself into a freaking financial black hole!    At this point I was furious and She told me that she can not talk to me and that the manager will call me.

I told her have the manager call me and no way in hell I will even pay a dime now!   What this office is doing is harassing and forcing their patients to either pay in full or they will send to the collection agencies when infact in their letter they say if we are experiencing financial difficulties to call them to set up a payment plan and that is what I had done and they had no problem collection my funds for the last 2 or 3 months but now they want it in full!

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