California Pacific Medical Center

California Pacific Medical Center  place is hell. I’m from Omaha, Nebraska, so I’m used to much better healthcare than my fellow Californians here, I’ve been to California-Pacific Medical Center on multiple occasions.. Once in the emergency room, and numerous times for doctor visits to a dermatologist and twice for a gynecologist. Everytime I’ve been there, it’s been hellacious for so many reasons..

  1. Unprofessionalism
  2. Dirty and unkept conditions.
  3. Lack of privacy.
  4. Incompetent nurses/receptionists.

My experience in the emergency room was less-than-comforting.. They put me in a room and didn’t bother shutting the door as i waited for a doctor. A drunk homeless man was yelling in the room next to me at the nurse who was trying to help him, and she felt so unsafe that a security guard came and sat in front of the door opening of that room, which was in plain view to My room.

I felt particularly vulnerable because I had been crying from physical pain, and yet here I was, left with zero privacy. As I sat there alone for what felt like forever, I noticed the dried blood stains on the equipment beside me. I couldn’t believe it.

In my experience at a gynecologist’s office here, Leslie Kardo, I was astonished.. Firstly, let me tell you how all of the patients’ confidential files are kept here.. Out in the open on bookshelves in a hallway that is accessible to patients at any given time. I could NOT believe what I was seeing. Suddenly, your patient confidentiality doesn’t seem so confidential, does it?.

So anyways, I had a urinary-tract infection (UTI) and they, as expected, required that I pee in a cup to diagnose it.. I’m quite prone to UTI’s, and have had them before. But this time, as I waited in the patient room to be consulted by the doctor, a nurse comes to talk to me. I tell her I think I have a UTI, and she told me to take my pants off. I asked her why.

She said “so the doctor can assess you”. And I told her that all I have is a UTI, and that she does not need to see my genitals to diagnose that. She shrugged and thought about it and said, “Okay, well you don’t have to I guess..” LIKE WTF??!! O_O (Soo whyy did you tell me to take my pants off if I don’t even need to?!?!) So finally, the doctor meets with me & then directs me to the office bathroom where I shall pee in a cup & then set my urine sample in a room full of other people’s.

So after waiting in a line for other patients to pee in their cups, I enter the dirty wet bathroom and found the tub of clean empty urine-sample-cups stored behind the toilet. I did my thing, and then realized that since they made me get a blank one, my name wasnt on it.. The designated pen we must all use to write our names was sitting in a messy puddle on the sink countertop.

What’s great is – the doctor told me she’d call or email me my test results once they came back. IT HAS BEEN TWO MONTHS LATER AND I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A CALL, TEXT, E-MAIL, OR ANYTHING to confirm my urinary-tract infection, even after the doctor assured me she’d notify me. a POINTLESS nightmare of a doctor visit.

It’s too long and complicated of a system to explain, but basically I must partake in something called the iPledge program because I am a female and I am on Accutane for severe acne. There is only ONE nurse in Kaminsky’s office that knows how to enter the patient’s information on the online program’s system so that I may be monthly approved receive my prescription.

The nurse last month messed it up. She failed to enter me into the system, which prevented me from receiving my prescription last month. I talked to an asian bimbo on the phone who told me that she doesn’t know how to get on the computer system and fix it. I told her to leave Kaminsky a message to get back to me ASAP so i didn’t miss out on my medicine for the month.

SHE NEVER RELAYED THE MESSAGE TO HIM. So, *sigh*, after a long series of unfortunate events that are NOT my fault and out of my control, I was unable to receive my prescription last month.. I went back to Kaminsky last week to try again THIS month. I told him what happened, and he was sincerely apologetic & I overheard him lecture his nurses that they didn’t do it right, so I was grateful to finally be acknowledged.

He prescribed me again, and told his nurse to enter me in the system immediately. Now, it is two days later and I check the system online to see if she entered me into system correctly this time. She, YET AGAIN, failed to.

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