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This was a horrible experience from day one. My brother arrived on a Friday night.  I came the next day to see him.  I inquired about a walker as he had one from the facility he came from.  I let them know he was a fall risk.  They said PT doesn’t work on the weekends. Then I noticed the breakfast that they failed to bring him until I inquired about it,  had cereal and toast.  He has to have a gluten free breakfast.

The nursing assistant then informed me that the doctor did not have that diagnosis. Well, it was in his records from where he came.  We were told they could serve him gluten free food.  They questioned that? Then I was getting repeated calls from my brother that his breathing was off.  He said they weren’t coming in quickly to help.  I had to call and ask for help.  Then the last straw was when the Dr. Akpan called me to tell me my brother was noncompliant with PT.

I told her that he said he felt dizzy and wasn’t breathing well.  She said that was because he was walking around without oxygen.  I asked if they had portable oxygen for the walker.  I was told at first no just for the wheel chair but it would have to be ordered.  First of all in all the notes that came from the hospital he was just at they should have noted what he would need and have been ready for him.  No one got in touch with me about my brother.

I had to call them.  Then all of a sudden when they found out I was not happy  I got many calls.  Too  late. The pulminologist didn’t see him for several days.  That’s why  he was there primarily was because of his breathing problems.  I felt like this was the most inept place.  He is now recovering in a hospital from this experience.

If I had not insisted upon him going to the ER one week after he arrived he may not be with us. He is a fragile person and he had deteriorated.  A case manager, doctor and other specialist should see the patient right away to get the best care for a fragile, sick individual.  This did not happen. Very  poor experience.

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