Bandhana Bajaj, MD

I never write reviews, but I was treated so badly by Capital Women’s Clinic I feel compelled to warn potential patients. I waited weeks to get an appointment with Dr. Bajaj and on the date of my appointment, I was told I couldn’t be seen because I was 4 minutes late. I’m not being hyperbolic, the receptionist said “you’re 4 minutes late so we can’t see you today.”

When I booked the appointment I was never told that I needed to arrive 15 mins early, the receptionist mentioned that when I arrived. She also said it was a mistake for the booking staffer to make an appointment for a new patient on a Friday afternoon, of course I knew none of this and the understanding that I’d been given bad information did not mean anyone helped correct the error.

When I asked why I couldn’t be seen and explained that I’d taken time off of work and paid $ 20.00 for a cab, I was told Dr. Bajaj is double booked for each appointment time. They told me that people who arrived before me were taken in and when I asked if I could wait and have their appoint time, I was told no. When I asked if there were other doctors with availability, they said no.
When I asked if I could very quickly fill out the forms for new patients (I would’ve been done by 4:10, most doctors run behind by up to an hour, so 10 mins seems fine), I was told no.

Overall the experience was incredibly disappointing and frustrating. I don’t know if Dr. Bajaj is aware of the  terrible scheduling practices and rude front desk staff, but since it’s her practice she should be. I will not be rebooking and highly discourage anyone from going to Capital Women’s clinic.

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