Ashesh D Patel, MD PC

I dislike giving negative reviews – and Dr. Patel is certainly a kind fellow – but this practice is inefficient, disorganized and, most critically, provides dubious patient care (at least in my experience).

First of all, the office is decrepit.  The computers literally date from the last century (probably early 1990s) and the office doesn’t use email or seemingly any other modern technology that is standard in nearly all other medical practices.  I mean, who really uses a fax anymore?? Medical records are stuffed seemingly haphazardly in plain site behind the receptionist and, on one occasion, I saw a storeroom full of medical medical folders thrown about on the floor in the downstairs area where a lab tech takes fluid samples.

Beyond the atrocious administration and appearance of the office and examination rooms, I’ve had a number of instances where I was seeking specific follow up from Dr. Patel (on the results of blood work) and never got any feedback until I called back multiple times.  Luckily, I’ve never had to consult with him on significantly serious medical issues.

On the plus side, I will say that the office generally processes referrals quickly and there seems to often be availability for appointments (perhaps no surprise). Again, Dr. Patel is nice gentleman indeed.  However, this is very far from a top of the line practice and the reviews on ZocDoc are outrageously misleading.

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