A couple of months ago I answered an ad for two dogs lizzie and luna in toronto. I was interviewed my husband interviewed our home inspected we were given a contract and told to wait lizzie and luna would arrive from thailand.
We waited and waited I would ask questions and request pictures.
I have rescued before but this was different meet us at the airport kind of thing. I started to really press for health info just 8 days prior to their arrival I didn’t even have a flight.
I was finally given the flight along with a so called blood work.

The letter was a generic soi dog letter saying your dog has tick disease.
Thought odd their not soi dogs.
Long story I google my pets names and found pleas in thailand for help to raise money first for distemper treatment then a notice saying their not sick and they were raising money to get them here.
I was satisfied.
I had found the people who knew my pups.

Concerned as you can imagine I wrote the rescue in thailand.
I made a video saying please if a scam don’t break my heart.
Within an hour I get an email from dogsunlimited titled unfortunate news saying I went behind dogsunlimited back.
I’m not trustworthy and my contract has been canceled.
I was heart broken, I have waited months for these babies.
The very day I get another email rambling about how I back out of this adoption.
I am beside myself, what is going on?
I have proof she cancelled my contract saying I can’t be trusted.
I did what any good adoptee would do ask questions.
I can send they email it clearly stated I have inflicted more bad on lizzie and luna and they will remain in thailand.
The foster contacted me and said she’s lying.
Then I see the posting arriving soon yesterday.
Plese help.
Cathy [protected]

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