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I’m a patient of dr. Bhojani as well as his pa elizabeth sbrusch when I was seen for a stomach bug in immense pain (Not cramping) was told they could only prescribe me phenergan in tablet form after I made it very clear I was having difficulty swallowing because my throat was raw from throwing up she had to call the pharmacy to find out something everybody knows which it does in fact come in liquid when I asked about something for the pain they recommend pepto which any dr should know not to recommend that during a so called stomach bug because if it is in fact something more serious pepto will mask the symptoms causing a patient to get worse rather than better. When I asked her if she could please find out if there is a antiemetic and analgesic combo in liquid form (Once again knowing full well there was, I am a pharmacy technician) she comes back with yet another option one that would actually help but follows up with dr. Bhojani doesn’t want me to write the prescription for you because it can cause constipation (Let’s keep in mind I have a stomach bug and have had diarrhea all morning as well as vomiting) so now I ask her how is that an issue to weigh out when i’m already in pain hunched over and feeling sick and using the restroom at that point i’m starting to feel nauseous once again and stomach is burning she continues to keep poking and pressing my stomach trying to make me feel better about the fact that they had no interest in actually helping me but in fact just wanted to do enough to say they did something… Dr. Bhojani is known for doing this he actually believes he can cure anxiety as well which is why I had to go find a psychiatrist because I wasn’t getting better as if that’s something within my control. I’m finding more often than not drs are only willing to prescribe medication that doesn’t have any negative connotations attached to it even if the patient would actually benefit from it. Something needs to change in the medical field and if this continues these doctors should lose their license because every patient is different and I shouldn’t have to settle for less than the best care because a doctor has decided to lump me in a group of other ppl that have legitimately nothing in common with me.

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