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I have been in VA and have always gone to May jewelers to buy gold coins but occasionally i bought 22K gold as well. The coins were not an issue, but the jewelry is where I found that they ripped me off. I bought 6 gold bangles worth 5k one and then in bought diamond earrings, nose stud and a 22k gold antique set from them. The lady who helped me there called LOVE is the one who really took me for a ride. BUYERS BEWARE of her!

She quoted $3800 for the gold set which i bought. She pretended to negotiate and stuff but since I didn’t do my homework and research, thought she was giving me a good deal and mainly TRUSTED her to be FAIR and NOT PLAY FOUL. My friends and family thought I spent a lot of the set and so I took it to another jeweler to get it appraised and it was appraised at $2800-2900 AT THE MOST! I was really disappointed and shocked that such a reputed store can stoop to such low business tactics and I went back to the store and spoke to another person (John or Joe cannot recall), and explained the whole situation and started asking questions.

It was very clear with the looks they were exchanging that he knew that Love did something wrong and he tried to pacify the situation by refunding $300 dollars back to me. He explained stuff about the jewelry and why it was priced that way, but agreed to sell me other sets valued at the right price (which previously were quoted for a much higher price by Love), now that he knew i did my research.

I refused to take anything else there since I didn’t really like anything, resigned to the fact that I did get ripped off and vowed never to step into that store again. I also got my earrings appraised and another diamond nose stud my mother bought and they both were valued much lesser than what they were sold at.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get them back from India in order to take them back to the store and get a fair price. I warned all my friends in VA about the store, its staff and will never give them any business in the future.
So this is how May Jewelers did business with me. Please make sure you do your research before you go to buy anything from them, otherwise be assured that you WILL BE RIPPED OFF!

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