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We purchased furniture the end of Oct & it was delivered to my home on November 2. I contacted Huffman Koos only 2 days after delivery (Nov 4) because I had an issue with the furniture that was delivered. Originally I spoke to the sales agent who I will say is the ONLY person from Huffman Koos to ever return my phone call during this now 2 month ordeal. On November 2 we received a dining table and sideboard table. The sideboard table is completely different in color and texture than it was in the show room and I provided pictures to the salesperson to demonstrate the difference. I am fully aware that wood can be different in texture and color because that is the nature of real natural wood. I understand that 100%, however, we were expecting a much lighter and much more distressed piece of furniture similar to what we saw in the showroom & what we got is darker and not distressed looking which was very disappointing. I didn’t see any reason why Huffman Koos wouldn’t want to make their customer satisfied and easily swap out the brand new sideboard. When the salesperson initially contacted me back he assured me this should not be a problem to swap it out and he was going to send my issue to customer service.

Fast forward at least 4 phone calls later to Huffman Koos and no return phone call back so my husband and I went down in person to the show room. The customer service worker, a female, (in Farmingdale) said she sees a note from the sales person but it was never sent to customer service & informs us she will do so ASAP and I also forward her the picture which shows the obvious discrepancy.

Since I never heard back from anyone from Huff Koos I made at least 4 more phone calls requesting to speak to a manager. Actually I made many, many more phone calls than that, but every time the answering machine picked up. Nobody ever called me back. Ever! This is the most horrible customer service I’ve experienced. Finally at the end of December I call & Scott Bowers answers who says he’s a manager. He tells me they already made a decision that they weren’t swapping out any furniture for me and there is nothing he can do. He said I should’ve known that then I inform him nobody called. To his credit he seemed apologetic. I am shocked at this info he gave me because nobody had the decency to call & inform me of this and I have been attempting to speak to someone since November 4. I feel as though Huff Koos just dropped off furniture to me & did not care at all that we had an issue.

I am completely dissatisfied with the customer service and the response regarding the reasoning for not swapping the sideboard and especially the fact that I had to call so many times to finally be told this. I don’t see what the big deal is about going to the warehouse & delivering a sideboard that looks more similar to the one in the show room and swapping it out with my piece of furniture. Don’t you want satisfied customers? At this point I’m exasperated, disappointed and I will never shop at Huffman Koos again nor will I recommend the store to anyone. Worst customer service experience I’ve ever had in my life.

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