While shopping at the Rockville, MD HomeGoods on  I encountered one of the rudest employees that I’ve ever come across at any retail subsidiary that falls under the TJX brand. I was so disturbed by this that I had to immediately address the situation and take time out of my evening to write this letter. I am a frequent shopper at this location and many other HomeGoods.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality, selection and environment that TJX Companies has designed for HomeGoods stores. This is why I’m in such disbelief and disgust by how one of the associates approached me that evening. This employee felt that the best way to TELL me to leave the store is by walking up to me and saying “Ma’am you gotta go!” His tone was extremely aggressive along with his demeanor. He spoke to me as if he was kicking me out of his home clearly forgetting that:

  1. This is a place of business where he is employed.
  2. Customer service and appropriate dialogue with consumers should be upheld to the highest standards at all times.
  3. Employees should respectfully remind those customers remaining in the store that it is now closed and ask them to return tomorrow to resume their shopping during normal store hours.

Rather than taking a more respectful disposition, he felt that this form of engagement was necessary because I paused to view the mannequin dress form displays instead of continuing to walk straight to the front doors. The time was 9:33 PM and there were still 2 customers closing out their purchases at the registers and one waiting to be assisted when I decided to take one last look.

I’m saying this to vividly state that I was not the only customer remaining and I was not delaying any associates from completing their end of night closing tasks. As a reminder the store just closed at 9:30 PM and I was walking towards the exit.

This guy was so disrespectful that I could not overlook this. No one’s shopping experience should be like this at any HomeGoods store. Instead of responding and matching his level of disrespect I simply ignored him, finished what I was doing, and walked out of the store.

Fortunately for him I do not know his name nor his role but I will be stopping by the store to directly speak with the store manager to describe this individual to him/her and point him out should he be working during that time. Everything about his tone and choice of words were deliberate and rude.

This should never happen to myself or any other customer. I worked in retail for many years and my colleagues and I never treated or spoke to customers like this regardless of the situation. I understand that the store is now closed, associates are concluding their night and want to go home but THAT was unwarranted. While in the store on my phone I had to mention this to the person I was speaking with because she frequently shops at this location as well.

I really hope that this form of customer service does not continue and this employee exercises better judgement and word usage when communicating with customers going forward.

This left a very bad impression however I have shopped at this specific location long enough to know – that guy lacks professionalism and decorum. As you know one person can ruin it for the team. To reiterate, no customer should have to tolerate the lack of respect that he exuded that evening.

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