Arlington Flea Market

I live in this neighborhood and I’ve seen this market go from eh to yuck. Talked with a few of the better vendors (great bike guys, some really nice jewelry–not the junky bead stuff you see everywhere (though there’s plenty of that, too), and they sound defeated.

Evidently the county isn’t doing anything to advertise, and the market manager is just jamming in as many people as he can to get the most rent money. As a result, it’s gotten a lot more like Eastern Market (in a bad way).

I’ve just come from there and they had so much ghetto tragic junk that it really made me feel worse about living in this neighborhood. There are like three, maybe four cool people (they’re easy to spot for the most part), but they’re nestled in with so much junk and overpriced crap it’s difficult to recommend.

One of the regulars who I’ve seen around town told me she’s looking for another market to go to–think this one’s dying. Oh, they have a psychic/palm reader there now, too. What’s next, fake YSL/Coach bags? Oh, wait, they have those too (bad fakes–and isn’t that illegal anyway?)

They’ve discontinued the Sunday market, apparently because no one would work with the organization that’s supposed to be sponsoring it (Clarendon Alliance–like I said, I live here, and I’ve never heard of them). Sunday market used to be great, now it’s just another parking lot in a boring DC suburb.

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