I have been using zong prepaid for some time then I started using internet apps on my mobile i.e. google earth so I went to zong office to activate postpaid service with flat rate internet charges. There CSR (Aqib Shahzad) said that I should use flat rate package on my prepaid package saying that it will cost me same. This in fact would have cost me twice. I spend more than 10 minutes explaining him the same.

However when after activation, I enabled internet on my phone, next day all my deposit vanished and they told me that flat rate package was never activated.

I registered my complaint and Aqib Shahzad turned out to be a big liar when they told me that he reported his denied that I ever requested for flat rate GPRS package. I rarely make any call therefore postpaid package was worthless to me without flat rate GPRS. Why would a person use up all of his security deposit in one day? Plus forgetting a 10 minutes conversation is not possible therefore he intentionally lied to his company or zong itself in involved in robbing people. After three months of my numerous complaints (during which I talked to many people at 310) Mr. Asim (from 310) said that although he agrees that the mistake was on their part but they are not able to refund my money. He also insulted me by saying that he can give my money out of his pocket. (I dont care about money, I want you to face consequences of fraud so that you may think before doing the same to other customers.) I advise everybody either not to use Zong services or otherwise, do not trust zong employees because they don’t have complete information of their own products, they make mistakes for which customer has to pay and they also never refund even if it is their mistake.CSC ID: CFISB00003

Date of sale: 25-10-2010

Location: (Blue area franchise) CMPak Limited, Zong Tower, TF Complex, 7-Mavue Area, G-9/4, Islamabad.

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