I ordered suddenlink internet and phone service and made it very clear that I was about to have a baby and that whatever the service date was going to be, it needed to be reliable so it didn’t leave me without a phone when I needed it most. I was assured several times that the internet and phone would be installed on the same day. The installer arrived and made it perfectly clear it had little idea what he was doing being on the job for four days. He knew I expected phone service installed that day by the conversations we had as he installed the cable and decided not to tell me until he asked me to sign verifying installation that the phone would be ten days later. I called customer service and explained the situation and they let me know it’s a problem they’re having with their agents making promises, especially ones dealing with phone service, that can not possibly be completed. I was told I would receive a phone call and a rush on phone service due to my medical situation. Of course only one phone call came from a jason, telling me that he didn’t have any answers but he was sure someone would call me back and fix the situation. No one called for days and the former cell plan I had expired leaving me with no phone at all while waiting for suddenlink. I still have no answers, no phone, but do have a newborn baby in a house with no access to 911. I would never ever recommend. I will be getting phone service via another provider. Funny how that promise to refund my money if not completely satisfied was forgotten too. I am out the installation money, the first month of internet and phone. Someone made their commission and that’s all suddenlink seemed to care about.

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