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I, like many others, have been scammed by dese frauds called Sign-a-rama Franchise. I am Veronica and dis company is shit and don’t care about what you do with the franchise. Their business of signs and banners is only for sale. They provide no support or any buying power or nothing. These assholes have fooled a lot of business owners. I lost $20000 and never got it back n now they are saying I might lose the franchise too. This is really irritating and illegal.

These frauds were after me to get a franchise and used to call me 10 times a day. I got tempted and with the hope of getting a significant income, I went ahead with getting the franchise and paid them. After I setup, there was no help from them and no proper training. Every month, I faced loss. I spoke to them and they said the sales will happen soon. They also gave us some crap of re-sale program which is another big scam and shit.

I have been duped by them every step. All they are good for is to sell crap to people. More than 50% of their stores are shutting down. I am amazed at the fact they are still legally operating and opening stores. I think it’s high time people start to sue them. They are pathetic and are only good for cheating people and taking their money. I am warning you again please don’t take their franchise. You will only regret taking that step in your life like I am.

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