Pergo Laminate Flooring

I can’t believe to see so many others having the same issues with Pergo like I have, and I always thought I was the only one to think something was wrong with my floor. I purchased my Pergo floor in Dec. 2009 and it looked great, I was very happy with the looks of it, but very shortly after the floor started to deteriorate. The Floor started a crackling noise, blanks where separating-leaving visual gabs in between some boards. Since I had my Floor installed with Lowe’s, I contacted Lowe’s and they did good on it..and laid a new floor. Same Product, same style. Not very long after, I started to have new problems again. At that time I was at my Witt’s end and kept passive about it. Bur what broke the camels back, after having an expensive dishwasher installed, purchased at Lowe’s, the installation was faulty and some condensation evaporated from the seal which cause my Pergo floor to buckle. I know it could not have been much moisture, and also know moisture is lethal to Pergo flooring. But just to think the smallest amount of moisture could ruin an entire floor, doesn’t seem to be a good product. In another home of mine, since than sold, I had just as well a problem with pergo, there I had the pale beech pergo installed, and it faded shortly after. Pergo did good on that and replaced the entire installation. I hope, I can get this Floor Problem in my new home resolved with Pergo/Lowe’s just as well. I paid well over $ 4000 this time and I got no money to waste.

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