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    Danville CA United States

This whole thing started when one of my friends inherited some money and was looking to invest it. His choice was PRES and I honestly can’t figure out why. He invested a huge portion of his money and actually bugged me all the time to invest with him. Somehow one of these sales execs persuaded him that this was a sure thing, he was absolutely crazed!!!!
You know how I figured this whole thing was a scam? 3 months after his initial investment, Johnny got a call from some “high-level exec” from PRES that his investment grew almost 200%. I mean a simple logic would tell you immediately that this had to be either a lie or they were doing something illegal. But Johnny was simply blind to the facts!!!
On seeing his profit, he was hooked like an idiot. I urged him to pull the money out or to at least pull the profits and leave his initial investment, but my words of advice were too weak against their sales pitch and his greed. I simply knew that it must be a scam!!!!
But Johnny instead of doing what I suggested, got in deeper and gave the rest of his inheritance. $195,000 in total!!!
Well, like I thought it would, PRES turned out to be a scam and they never actually invested any money that Johnny gave them. He was foolish enough to double check everything they bought, properties or whatever!!!! When he finally pulled his money out he was over $80,000 short. And they gave him obscure explanations to how and why he lost his money but it was all bullshit. The thing is he blamed me from not stopping him and not warning him about this company in the first place.
But after a month or so I sat him down, and actually went through the whole conversation we had about PRES before he even invested. He was shocked to find out what I actually said to him then. These were simple questions I asked him:
1. Have you gone through the history of the company?
2. Have you asked for the investment papers from that company?
3. Are you sure about the financial and commitment strength of that company?
Listening to all those questions, he turned pale and simply knew the answers: NO, NO, NO!!!
I reminded him that I even warned him about the money “he had profited from that company” was fake. There were no paper trails of the “investments” they made as well. I asked about the contract that he signed with PRES to which that poor knucklehead that he was verbally promised the money but hadn’t got any money until now.
Listening to what he said, my heart sank down and I immediately rushed to that company’s office. I ferociously asked about the company’s history, market value and the investment papers from them.
Instead of abiding by what I asked, they started arguing with me and asked me to leave the office. This made me realized that these guys were scamming a lot of people; in fact, I believe they took down millions in California alone. Johnny and me than gathered all we could find about these guys and reported the case to the police. We believe that these guys will end up in court, and eventually behind bars!
My advice to anyone who has been cheated by PRES is to file a suit. Or better yet file a class action which would make it easier to bare the expense.
For those who still have not dealt with Paradigm Real Estate Solutions, carry out a thorough check regarding every information of that company and make sure that you are provided with the investment papers from them. But mainly I would suggest to simply avoid them. You know the saying once a cheater, always a cheater. I honestly believe these guys are still scamming people. There is evidence of that all over.
Online feedbacks have mostly been really negative and they tried to have some of their employees refute the allegations, but you simply cannot hide the truth. Just look up all the threads on Paradigm Real Estate Solutions online and you will soon find out how exactly these guys operate and how they conduct their business. And I can tell you Johnny wishes he did more of that and less of daydreaming.

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