Mega millions/PCH

Michael green from Mega millions called up my husband for telling him that he won $3,500,000.00. This company is also named as Publishers clearing house. He set out a condition before we could get this amount. He said that my husband had to wire $350.00 to the irs and then he could claim this prize money. He said so highly of the company and this lucky prize, things that were not believable in the first place. He said that 2 escorting officers would come with a2016e class Mercedes Benz and they would bring a tow truck along. These people would show up at our house after we pay them the said amount. I am his wife and on his behalf I told Mr. green to back off and to stop calling us because I didn’t believe him. He continued to call million times leaving awful messages and cursing and abusing him for listening to his wife, that is me. His abuses ended with a F….. u have a blessed day. Like really? This is your treatment for a person who says thanks to your offer being polite? These people are weird and nonsense!

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