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The job market is tough these days and job seekers can easily become impatient. But don’t get too worked up that you forget to pay attention to what you’re doing. If you don’t take enough care, you could end up falling prey to one of the various job search scams. You could face very unpleasant consequences such as the loss of your identity, loss of your money or a ruined credit rating. Also, if they get your unwitting co-operation in a crime, participation in a felony could land you in jail. I have tried to explain the various ways scammers use job-search sites like “Its Career Change” to cheat unsuspecting job seekers.
There are jobs that advertise package handling or forwarding. These are often cons that cheat you by taking your money and putting you into legal trouble. You’ll receive packages typically containing stolen goods which you have to send out with your own money. You may receive a visit from the police about receiving stolen goods at your address. Other similar scams include jobs like “money transfer agents” or “payment processing”.
Employers often get sensitive information from employees; but many ask such information before you’re even hired. Hence, you should be careful about what you give out. Some scammers will get your contact information online through job sites and call you pretending to be a prospective employer and then ask you for your Social Security Number which can be used to steal your identity. You should share your sensitive information only when you’re sure that you’re going to get hired.
Although there are many legitimate ways to work at home, most work at home opportunities are often scams. You may be given simple tasks to complete, but you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get the required stuff to do the job. There are some who may give you legitimate work but may not end up paying you. Then there are others who will send you a list of companies looking for home workers; but the list might be outdated or incorrect. Still others will make you dupe others with the same ad that you fell for to get the “job”. It’s a vicious circle.
Scammers may post jobs on a job portal claiming to be a legitimate employer, using corporate identity theft. They’re posting bogus jobs that may not be related to the employer and use their name to get you to share information they can use to steal your identity. It looks like an employment application process used to weed out the good from bad candidates, when in reality it is nothing more than a phishing scheme!
I can understand that when the going gets tough, any job offer could be a cause for excitement. I just hope that the information herein will help you in making wise decisions and assist you to discern the right job opportunities based on your needs and abilities. Acting with prudence is the key here. All the best!!!

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