As many of the other members of this site, I was also a victim of the unethical practise and policy of They are asking me to pay over 30 euros for something I was not aware I was scamed to pay for.

Clearly, they “took” all the steps they need to, not to clearly inform me on time, that if I don’t cancel the autorenewal, they will charge me about something I don’t need, want and I will not going to use anymore.

Even from the beginning they managed to subtly hide the autorenewal informations, subtly enough that you feel comfortable to just klick all the “next” buttons until you finish the subscription.

At the end, they don’t allow me to delete my account until I pay the invoice they sent to me, threathening me that they will take legal actions against me.

Not letting me to delete my account is pure kidnapping of the user’s privacy!

All of the members, or the future members should a ll be aware that the practises are rude, not user friendly and fraudly.

Best regards,

Gjorgi FIlipov


Product or Service Mentioned: Internations Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I didn’t like: That they steal money from poor people.

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