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I’m an unlicensed agent that sells health insurance policies for a licensed agent named Brandon Elias. Brandon recently started 
using the name Chris Pierron to close out Health Care policies in the state of Florida, due to Brandon not being licensed in that state. We, unlicensed telemarketers and health advisers are trained to mislead the consumers into purchase. Brandon charges the client’s banking account for additional separate policies that they haven’t been aware of. Brandon also lies to the consumer about the premium that will be charged to their accounts causing some to be over drafted as well. Brandon double dips by calling a consumer that previously enrolled to one company and tries to flip them to another company by telling them the company is pulling out of their state. The greed he has is starting to become too overwhelming for Me and has to be stopped! Brandon continues to take people off of their major medical policies putting them on indemnity plans as the primary insurance provider. He will sale 4 different policies to one person under the impression they’re getting 1 policy including many benefits. Our lives have been put into danger due to the scamming. Brandon is now recruiting felons with theft, fraud and drug cases recently released from prison on parole to call and collect these clients personal info such as date of birth, socials and billing information. Now we are calling here in Texas locally and the threats are becoming more serious. 1250 Mockingbird Dr. Dallas, TX Insurance Resource Group!

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