Crown Point Capital LLC

I want to make all of you aware of this fraud company called Crown Point Capital LLC. They claim to give financial assistance for free, but are actually a fraud company.
I got a call from this number 916-692-9410, the voice on the other end told me that he was calling from Crown Point Capital and they were a financial assistance company. Well, the guy seemed pretty convincing and he knew I was looking in for investments; I want to earn profit shares.
We discussed and I told him I wanted to invest, he gave me good advices as they sounded but I didn’t know the reality was different. The company was a scam, they took my money, made me invest thousands of dollars in several companies and then told me I’d be getting profits and returns.
They try to sell bonds and automatically link us into purchasing bonds without our assistance. This happened directly over paypal with me. The company is crazy, you just cannot trust them with your money.
When I called back I didn’t really get any answer back. I tried to email them on [email protected] but no answer. I tried calling so many times but didn’t get a response. I could see certain amounts being debited from my account as I had registered by credit card with them.
Guys, they are a scam and they should be investigated. They claim to be something else but actually is a scam company, only getting profits out of people’s pockets by fooling them. This needs to stop! I wonder how many scams have they already done.
Do not do business with them!

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