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I am Natalie and I stay in Irvine in my nice and cosy home. My home and family is what matters to me the most. Last year in October, I was looking for a refinance on my home. I spoke to a lot of vendors and companies and couldn’t get the best deal for my home. Then I came across ClearPath Lending. It was a pathetic time when I met these assholes. I checked out their website and filled in their online mortgage pre-approval letter request which was basically a load of crap. Then I was contacted by their loan office Chris Starrh. He understood my requirements and assured me that I will get the best deal possible.
First of all, they didn’t get back to me till a week. Whenever I called their number 855-866-5363 and asked for Chris, they said he will get back to me “soon.” And to tell me a simple thing like THAT, they made me wait for 20 fucking minutes. After a week, Chris got back to me with a plan that seemed decent to me. Since I wasn’t gettin any other better plan, I thought i’ll go with it.
The process of getting my loan approved and it finally getting into action was a horrible time for me. There were so many delays and I almost lost my senses because of them. I must have called this fraud company ClearPath Lending at least a thousand times during that one month. I wrote so many emails to [email protected] There was so much delay in the services and the communication was so bad. Chris was literally out of the picture and once the formalities were done, he didn’t care.
I was told that I won’t have to pay more than $300 as appraisal fee but I ended up paying $700. When I told them your loan officer never informed me about these charges, they said it can’t happen. So basically these bastards said I was telling a lie and that their loan officer is an angel. What utter nonsense! How can they not keep the loan officer in loop? These shitheads didn’t even give me the exact rate I was promised. By the time I got the refinance, I was so harrowed and irritated I felt like saying no to them but since I thought they are getting me a good deal, I kept up with their shitty behaviour.
They even asked us to install certain things at the house for inspection which cost me extra. My son did all the work because I almost gave up. This is a very unethical way of working by taking advantage of people who are in need. If you are going to take time, just say it. Don’t promote all over the place that you can get a refinance in a day or approval in 60 seconds. This is just a lie.
If you are going to take fucking 30 days to complete the procedure, JUST SAY SO. Don’t tell people that you can get the refinance done in a couple of days. For God’s sake, respond or communicate about the delay. It’s not ok to keep people hanging. I might have as well gone to another company. It was a disgusting thing to let the loan officer hide once his fake promises are done and the customer has signed the papers.
There is something called good service which clearly these fucktards haven’t heard of. I ultimately ended up getting more or less the same rate that one of the other companies was giving me. I have heard at least their service is good. I was fooled by this shitty and unethical company ClearPath Lending. Don’t be cheated by them and make sure you report their behaviour here and share so that other people can save their time and money.
I am wondering how come they are still operating with such bad reputation. There are so many reviews online and I suggest u look them up before making a decision. You don’t want to spend more and get an ok rate that everyone else is providing and not to forget the delayed communication and world’s worst customer service. Don’t be conned by them. All their officers are interested in are leads and will lie to you with whatever they can to fool you. I repeat DON’T fall for their fraud and make a wise decision to not go with their services.

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