Cincinnati Bell

I worked for Cincinnati Bell/StarTek! Both of these companies are frauds! You never get your paycheck on time nor is ever the correct amount for the hours you have worked. They wanted me to lie to customers pretendiing to adjust their bill and downgrade services. Actually all we were doing was adding products to the customer they didn’t need just to make their bill go down! We signed a contract in the office saying if we had system issues we would still be paid. That was a LIE!! I am not persuing legal action against both companies for breech of contract. BEWARE of Cincinnati Bell, they are fake! The have fired several Cincinnati Bell employees that have been there for YEARS so they could outsource sending jobs to Costa Rica and Phillipines paying less money to workers. They have teamed up with StarTek to hire people in at $9.00 and hour working from home. Because of StarTek and Cincinnati Bell, hundreds of people in Cincinnati have lost their jobs! The fioptics internet and tv are a joke. They work barely half the tme, I had several complaints from customers about that, and once you have fioptics you cannot go back to regular cable. I suggest Time Warner to everyone. It is a better cable company with cheaper and better packages. They also are not outsourced!! This place is a BIG JOKE!! BEWARE PEOPLE.. They are a scam!!

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