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American Standard Online aka Anchor House financial charge for listing properties, frauds, looters

I’m writing today to warn you against American standard online which is a shitty company that robs people for no particular reason.
I’m Charlie and I’m looking for a property for me and my family since quite a while. I came across this shitty portal named American standard online. They’ve done business as Anchor house financial and first step equity as well. There is news of them doing business with other such names as well.

Now that I’ve had a bad experience with them, I searched and I got to know that the predecessor got F rating on the better Business Bureau and I am sure American standard online would also go on the same lines today or tomorrow.

This company places ads in different portals like Craigslist for rent to own properties. I browsed through their portal and found out that they’ve not listed any addresses or any specific details with any property. Just that there was a phone number.

I still wasted a whole lot of time selecting the suitable properties and when I called up on the given number they tell me that they would be sending a list of pre foreclosed properties but I would have to pay a fee of $199 up front for that information.
Hey! When did the portal started charging for the details of the properties listed through them?

These people acting very smart here.. they are not getting any revenue from anywhere else and so they’ve started charging the innocent lambs who just browse through the website. I told them that this piece of information is available for free everywhere else to which they answered by saying that I could go anywhere but I would not get supreme quality properties that they have listed.

They literally forced me to give them my credit card details for the property listing details. When I rejected the proposal and said that I don’t need any listing for this amount of money they got quiet angry and went on to tell me that I wasted their time. Like really??? I wasted your time or my time was wasted short listing all the properties to get nothing in return at the end of the day?

These assholes have no value for the users time. I’m sure just like me they would’ve lost so many users by their shitty tactics and behavior.
People just don’t waste your time on this fucking portal named American standard online. For the amount they are asking for the listing you could better hire a personal property agent. For $199 any proprty agent would show you properties with personal experience and will get you a better deal than you would find on this fucking portal for this exorbitant amount! Theres really no need burn your cash on these assholes.

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