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I will personally warn everyone who even thinks of putting a single dollar with Al Al Masah Masah Capital in Dubai because they do not follow through on their promises. I was given a personal senior financial advisor named Mahmood (don’t know if he still works there) in 2014 with AED 35,000 (or USD 10,000) and his job was to call me before any transaction and keep me up to date on the progress. Mahmood kept in touch with me for the first few weeks and then completely stopped calling me and just sending across a transaction statement every day.
There was average growth in my portfolio for the first three months and then my investment started drastically dropping in value to almost half. So I placed a call to my financial advisor Mahmood and asked him what the hell was going on and why had he stopped informing me about the transactions he was carrying out on my account with my money. He assured me that the markets are currently bearish but if I was a little patient, my portfolio would rise in value for sure. By the end of the year, I got a notification from rogues Al Masah Capital that my balance was critically low and I would have to top it up with at least AED 10,000. I frantically called my advisor who assured me that the markets are just rearing to go in a month and I would not just make up all the money I have lost but earn much more than I imagined.
My need to make up for AED 45,000 which was now invested with Al Masah Capital prompted me to wait it out for a while till my portfolio was doing well. But in another two months I was told that my account was low again. I chose to not top up my account with Al Masah as I had already lost a massive amount with the inexperienced traders they have employed as financial advisors. They treated my hard earned money like mere numbers on a statement and there was nothing I could do about it.

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