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I had a success against Santander for missold ppi The gross amount was £3114.47 after tax deducted was -£312.53 leaving£2801.94. I paid them 49% fee of£1372.95. They are now asking for an additional £122. Now in the small print it states that they will take 48% including vat. There is nothing in the small print about taking additional payment from the remaining amount . I feel that it is not made clear that you will not receive 52% of any successfull claim made as you have to pay Wilson Tarquin more. Should have to pay them the additional £122. As well as having to negotiate with the providers when they state that they will do everything for you no need to worry. I’ve been bombarded with phone calls when you answer there phone goes off. I told not to make calls during certain hours as I was unable to take calls. When you try to contest they threaten you with to put the matter over to debit collectors. This company should not be in this business because from the way I see it there bigger crooks than those that sold the ppi in the first instance, they have a poor view of customer relations. They’ve made a tidy sum out of me and it’s true I have had some come back to me but if they phoned up tomorrow knowing what I do now I would not have signed up. I don’t any invoices to forward now only have my client number 9718755. People who sign up to this company should be made aware of the fees involved at the beginning not once you’ve signed on the dotted line. None of the initial sales patter explains this just we will take 48% as our fee no mention of anything else, no need to worry we will do it all are the final words. I don’t expect anything will come of this, they’ve already been upheld this year in another matter but I’ll certainly never recommend this firm to anyone contemplating making a claim for ppi. In advance thanks for reading this JRP

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