Empowr Finacial Department

Urgent Urgent
To Empowr President.
Dear Sir
This is a photo copy of a check http://prntscr.com/l3w5dx
Supplied to me by Fanbox/Empowr as due cashout on Dec6 2013
i.e after my application to them.
The said check unfortunately I could not process it due to conditions
beyond my control i.e checks in my country are not permitted to be processed .
This checks amount should have been left aside by Fanbox/Empowr
because it is already as if it is paid to me and still exists as my own
and legally my right but Fanbox/Empowr comitted a vital misake by
putting it back to my Balance which has caused it to then dissappear
as due cashout for me and it was used without my consent to pay for
any future charges for my following activities on Empowr.
What to do now????????
It is now about four years time and the war continues in my country Yemen.
and now hunger is striking very hard and I desprately in need of money
to feed my family .
Please kindly rush investigate your records and help that I get
my money as soon as possible.Many thanks.

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