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There is something murky about their whole business, Peter Gagliardi avoids questions and evades them, if you question him really hard, and he runs away.
I am a small business owner and was looking to buy a new business in a different town. I met with Peter Gagliardi of Capital Business Solutions who was selling a business I was interested in buying. I had done some background check of the institution and found some bad reviews and SEC violation accusations. Being a businessman I don’t trust anything unless I am sure of it and hence I decided to check Capital Business Solutions and find about it for myself.
Peter Gagliardi was a smooth talker and a good salesman. I asked him about the business that they offer and I found certain discrepancies which I did question. He tried to evade the questions and give ambiguous answers. I have been in this business for long and can identify a con when I see one. Once he realized that I wasn’t an easy prey he became withdrawn and suggested that his subordinate would help him. From this point on he refused to help me with the proceedings he was very vary and said he had to rush elsewhere.
I sensed his urgency to escape further questions and knew that it is wise to do business elsewhere. Recently, I came across several of his rebuttals and letters of recommendations telling what a good a manager and sales man he was; if this is true he wouldn’t have evaded my questions and not want to sell a business that is already under scanner for tax evasion. The fact that he ran away itself says a lot about this guy. Avoid doing business with Capital Financial Solutions; there is something dubious about the whole setup.

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