Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Yesterday, between 18:00 and 20:00 Moscow time, Russia, Rovio stole all my 4x hats. Several weeks ago, Rovio removed the 1000 hat category and almost all 500 hat category from my Angry Birds 2 account.

Then, Rovio simply stole all of my 4x hats that I had. And, suddenly, my power rating dropped from 222 to 180. I first didn’t notice it, but then, on entering the Arena, I couldn’t believe my eyes, for all my birds were hatless.

With 100% fake opponents in the Arena, what chances do I stand? Naturally, Rovio sets against me all of Rovio’s 100 fake AI opponents with 4x hats and several spells and a power rating that is 20-30 levels higher than mine.

And Rovio even didn’t bother replacing the 4x hats with lower power hats. Rovio just simply stole all of my 4x hats and made my birds hatless.

Who on Earth said that the Finns are famous for their honesty?

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