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So here is what happened with me, I get a call from a guy from Aspire Jobz with fake name and email as always so that you can never trace them. Immediately after i picked up the phone call he started explaining me about Aspire Jobz like a proper sales executive. So whenever you get a call from them always remember these three lies their executives will plant:

1. You are just 500 dollars away from your dream job and we are committed to help you get that in no time
2. We have no hidden cost but ultimately you will end up giving the employed side contribution as well
3. Interview is just a formality, you have almost got this job

Suspicious isn’t it? Without even knowing my expectations and profile they are promising a job to me at a cost of 500$, The only idea is to increase the subscription and dupe more and more people into the trap.

When you ask them to send a docket with the details about the jobs they won’t send you that, but the sales executive with fake names and emails will keep calling you.

Here is how you can catch their lies:

1. By asking the details about the company they are offering you job in, They have no clue about it..Literally now clue
2. By asking the details about the employer
3. By asking the exact job profile along with KRA and other details

These 3 questions from the sales executive will make it very very clear that they have no idea about any such job opportunity and the only agenda is to trap you into their subscription so that you pay them the money. And once you pay them the money you can sit back and relax. Now you won’t receive any phone calls. Best part is even they will relax and won’t pick up phone calls.

Here is what you should do if you actually are looking for a job:

1. Build a strong resume and tailor it according to the profile you want to switch into
2. Enhance your Linkedin Profile and start connecting with the HR’s of the company and build up your professional network
3. Improve your interpersonal skills, Take help from your friends and family and keep improving
4. Even a free subscription at Naukri is more than enough for you if you have the caliber and dedication

Writing this because this is a tried and tested formula which was used by me, Dont fall into traps like ASPIRE JOBZ as you will get nothing and end up wasting your time and money.


Ankit Jha

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