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I wrote to WU Student Support Team today and Scott Parsons Office of Financial Aid Walden University RE: Case #[protected], and the closing my case without a resolution.

“To: Student Support Team,
Thank you for this information. During the past 10 months or so have written to WU admin and other staff members for options after reaching my funding limits. The outcome was the recent demand letter from WU for payment. Had the information that you provide at this time been disclosed as an option for me 10 months ago I could have been doing my commencements right now instead of still trying to graduate.

That synopsis for those 10 months or so is as follows:

“I am replying to your demand letter as requested within the time frame as indicated in your email. I have exhaustively attempted to elucidate my circumstances in an effort to get an extension and more funding for my WU doctoral program courses so that I could

Synopsis again as follows: I transferred from University of Texas Arlington campus to Walden University online coursework. WU
required duplication of prior UTA doctoral coursework. FAFSA covered a [3 yrs] doctoral program. The coursework duplication may have truncated funding for my last three semesters of the WU PhD [3yr] program exceeding the tuition funding limits. WU FinAid informed me that the last three semesters would be out of pocket. I wrote to WU admin, my Academic Advisor, Student Loan support case # [protected], Bursar, FinAid, FAFSA, and Nelnet my student loan service provider, all to try to get an extension. I explained that I had an Adjunct professor teaching job lined up which required a PhD to start at a university campus. My WU student account was blocked with a bursar hold. That job opportunity has since passed leaving me unemployed. At this moment I am not sure what the next steps are to answer this demand letter? I need help with this dilemma. Maybe begin the process to acquire a re-affirm letter?”

I have been in contact with my server as recommended by you in this email during the past 10 months. I believe that at this late
stage in my “Title IV eligibility after inadvertently exceeding an annual or aggregate loan limit, borrowers must reaffirm the excess Direct Loan” that the institution “WU Student Loan Support” can speak on my behalf explaining my circumstances during the past 10 months.

Prior to this bursar hold I contacted my WU dissertation supervisors about my funding dilemma – “exceeding an annual or aggregate
loan limit” per WU FinAid. I am not sure if they are still willing to work with me? I did submit my dissertation proposal [Under-
performing Government Bureaucracies and Leadership Behaviors: Resiliency to Government Reform Initiatives] to my Walden University Program Director. But have no clue of its status?

So, an official explanation from WU would give credence to my request for funding to complete your WU PhD program. Please contact my server and request the reaffirmation process or any other options available to me – on my behalf.”

Scott Parsons, the Office of Financial Aid Walden University responded by closing my case and suggesting the usual bureaucratic rhetoric about their procedures. I’d like to see if this situation reaches the level of fraud, or other unfair or deceptive practices and deemed to have merit as a case?


Clyde Knight Jr., PhD(c)

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