Mercy College

Mr. Steadman A. Blake Jr

I had attending Mercy College since 2015 & the events that happen last year 2018 in September, I would like to explain my concerned. I have been kicked out of Mercy College because of my honesty toward a professor. This Professor had treated me with unfairness. I will explain in detail. For whatever the reason, this Professor would never accept my homework assignment. And not give me a reason why he would not accept any of assignment. Asking him for explanation Only to be ignored. Seeing other students come in an hour late to class, he accepts their homework assignments but not mines? When I do put my homework assignment on his desk, only to have him say “don’t put anything on my desk again & no I will not take your homework assignment”. I truly do not understand what happened? And why I was treated in this way. I barely email my professors, I don’t bother people. I come into class, I participate, I pay attention, I always do my work in a timely manner, and I always have good attendance. However, although that I had explained this to the administration at Mercy College, including my pact office adviser, only to be no help at all!
I followed the chain of command, only to be ignored – nobody responding. And when this professor, did not accept the majority of my homework, he would not give me a reason. And me not knowing the homework weighs heavier than the finals, which resulted in me getting an unfair grade “(F)” – despite the facts that I pass the final with 72 %. This was extremely frustrating. And as I had complained to Mercy college officials, only to be ignored. Which led me to email this professor and calling him an “[censored] PROFESSOR & I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AS A [censored] PROFESSOR”. Which had resulted in me getting banned from the college. As a student, I’m aware that I violated the code of student conduct. But the question is, when a student has done everything, & report unfairness within an institution. Only to have that student(me) be ignored, and then blamed on for failing the class & wasting taxpayer’s money to put me through college. Where are the limitations for negligence within an institution that does not recognize their own problem? I do suffer from Autism Spectrum, so maybe that was the reason why I was treated so poorly.
However; I’m asking for help – This is my first time contacting your department. I would like to know my legal options. Please, if possible. Can someone in your department assist me? Please do not dismiss this letter. I truly do not know the Ins-&Outs of the Education system and laws and its procedures. I only had 3 semesters left to graduate with my bachelor’s degree.
I truly would like to finish off where I left off. I’m so close of finishing off the Final chapter of my life. I would truly like to know my options & I would like to know if someone in your department can help!

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