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During the government shutdown the Library remained open to the public. They are part of the legislative branch. Makes sense. What doesnt make sense is the LOC’s ultra conservativism. The store staff and research staff in general. Someone told me if you work there you become like granite. I cant tell too many details because they may guess who I am.

Basically also the staff know how to use the blue suited guards and clerks to keep visitors they dont like away. The head librarian will look at the list of visitors. She recently made sure a new column was added requiring visitors to jot down their card number so they can now surveill them better. Certain ones they love: there is a contract for scanning all the old business data books. There are scores to scan. The scanners have been at it for several years. But they are contract workers mostly white. Since all they do is take photos or scan as quickly as possible there is nothing romantic in them. But that agrees with the mostly black clerks. They are nice as sugar pie to the whites because they also see their job as blue collar. Fetch books, log them in. (Most likely they dont want the whites to know how well paid they are, including benefits.) So the visitors they openly scorn are like researchers who appear to make good targets. (Older, Asian, retired, nonaffiliated with reputable conserative organization, nonbusiness purpose, etc just like their masters trained them to see)

Last week one clerk did a nice job helping me fetch engineering books quickly. But she was not there a couple days later when I returned. The books were missing from the reserve section. I looked very carefully and my held books had been removed. I then asked a clerk for help. This black clerk had only one eye. She tried her best to escalate the difficulty. “What type of library card do you have?” I told her I have reserved books before; no one had ever asked me that. Then she refused to pull my books up by computer. “I cant pull the books up on conputer. I dont have access to it.” I had to print out a copy of my reserved books for her. Then she tried to find the books based on what I showed her, but because she is dyslexic and can barely walk, her handwriting is also very large and sloppy, and she mixes up the numbers and the letters. She seemed to be the only clerk there and when i asked to see her boss, she said “i cant find her.” So this horrid person was just sort of going through these pacing motions. Not actually helping at all. After about twenty minutes I found the books mysteriously and sloppily placed beneath and among another researchers stack of books! I am certain the clerks did this because they are bored to the point of malice, just like the cloakroom staff.

To give an idea how conservative the staff are. Although they do have nice science and technical books after Trump became President and there was a clampdown on climate change research and use of the term climate change, staff stopped displaying ANY science technical library research guides. They used to have a plastic display case for science research bulletins but it disappeared. They keep one for business but not science. I asked if they would put it back up but the staff basically shrugged their shoulders. Other instances regarding the lack of books by well known climate change scientists and grassroots advocate authors. Dido for world peace advocates, for conservation and localization. I can name a whole list of authors whose books are fsr not there yet.

One librarian told me, well maybe its because it was published by a small independent press. Okay. Why did we bother with the Declaration of Independence. It sure wasn’t published by the King’s press!

So this is how the LOC constrains themselves until you literally have a librarian asking tourists, “What brings you little people here?” And of course there are other intell agencies sending their reps to basically bribe staff into ensuring participation in research projects…

The plantation system always had the people in the big house, their good house slaves, and the lackeys running around keeping out strangers. Just like today.

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