Frontier Nursing University

I am currently a student at frontier nursing university. I have attended a few different colleges, about 6 years of college education, prior to chamberlain and decided to go here due to the fact they accepted the most of my credits from prior education.

I have about a year left of my program and I can say I am highly disappointed with their program. Most of the professors are very entitled and do not treat the students as they should.

Most of the time during lecture ramble about information not included on the exam. The professors are quick to stick to the rules in the handbook when it benefits them but not when they are in the wrong.

Most of them are not good professors as most of the information that is tested is self taught. I have only have had 2 professors who I would qualify as good teachers and seem to understand what it is like being a student in an accelerated program.

I have been working in the health care field for about a decade and a lot of the stuff that is taught, I have never saw a nurse perform or use the information we are required to know.

The people who work in the student advisor section are always quick to help and try to make things work for the student.

And those few professors who I qualify as good, did in fact go the extra mile and helped out as much as possible.

Whether it be making extra worksheets for each student to use or making themselves available for the students if they need tutoring.

So if you are a student reading my review, I highly encourage you to investigate other nursing schools and make sure you read all the reviews about a school. It will be well worth your time

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