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My sister is taking the web design course at the Academy of Learning in High River. There has been no point in this course that has been easy for her to deal with. None of the teachers at the school are able to help answer any questions she has while working through each courses. Half the time the programs she needs are unavailable or not working. There is no web design teacher in the school that can answer quick questions or help her through tasks. The online teacher takes anywhere from 2-4 days to respond to a question/ or respond with a question about her question, so it takes additional days to actually get an answer. Most of the time she is using google to try and figure it out on her own. There is an online hub that she is supposed to be able to chat with someone and work through things but it hasn’t worked in months.
For how much she has paid to go to school this is absolutely ridiculous. After months of watching her struggling through this I have had enough. Both her and I completed programs through the Academy of learning and received diploma’s a few years ago. She was interested in the web design program, so she decided to go back and not expecting it would be so horrible this time. We understand that school is stressful and a challenge. But to metal exhaust a student and frustrate them to the point of bring them to tears is completely unacceptable. Some thing needs to be done immediately. I will be going to the news about this so future students do not experience the same thing. I don’t believe it should be this hard to get an education.

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