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When my cousin came to visit me, she had brought me a white-coloured rug. It was a beautiful rig with a design ion form of patterns. The patterns were in a light-grey colour and they made the rug look very elegant. I liked the rug so much that instead of storing it for future use, I started using it. One day, while strolling around and drinking red wine, I tripped and the red wine got spilt all over the beautiful rug.

I almost cried because of it. I was willing to get the rug fixed at any cost and thus I started looking online for rug cleaning shops near me. There were quite a few but the one that caught my attention was Thomas Rug Cleaning Co. & Ararat Oriental Rug.

The thing I liked about the place was that they offered doorstep pick-up and delivery and since I did not have time to go to the place myself, it felt like a boon. I did not take much time and called them after seeing the number stated on the website online.

I explained the whole matter to him and after listening to me, the employee assured me that they were the best in business. I was assured that someone from the place would soon come and collect the rug. I vividly remember telling him to take extra care of my rug as it was precious to me. The call was disconnected when I was given a specific time for the pick-up.

After a few days, a guy came and took the rug from me. That very day, I called the place up and inquired about the delivery date. I was not given a specific date. The only answer that was given to me was that the delivery would be made soon.

After waiting for a month, I could not take it anymore and decided to keep calling the place until I was answered. After continuously trying to contact the place for four days, I was lucky enough to get a call back from the place. I was told that the delivery would be made within a few days. I was happy that my rug was finally going to be delivered. I had read reviews of the place before sending the rug there for cleaning and most of the customers were satisfied.

After three days, the rug was finally delivered to me. I unpacked it and spread it out on the table to check it out. I could not believe when I saw that the stain was still there and to top it, the rug felt a lot rougher. It felt as if a strong, unsuitable chemical had been used to wash the stain off.

I angrily called up the place demanding an explanation. The explanation was – The stain was too strong to be removed. Since I had nothing more left to say and thus, I disconnected the call.

This is what happened when I trusted Thomas Rug Cleaning Co. & Ararat Oriental Rug. I would not recommend anyone else to make the same mistake that I did.

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