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I have talked with PCH Technical which has ADMITTED MULTIPLE times that a lot of people are experiencing not being able to view or play the LOTTO games. PCH has ADMITTED that it happened because of a third party sponsor video company that has installed at least one incompatible video on THERE site. Yet every oversees robot/person reads the script in front of them blaming MY computer (used 4 different ones), my cache, coolies and history (ALL been deleted- and 5 different computers would not have the same issue), my internet company (Have three different companies the computers all use), my browser (Have three different browsers on these four computers, have told me to “buy a new computer”, and told me to send a screen shot (I have done MULTIPLE times, and will not fix the problem. This went on for FOUR months las year too before they fixed it! I won’t go four months this year, as I will hire an attorney if need to to prove Consumer Fraud!!! GET IT TOGETHER PCH!!! IT IS YOU!!! SO FIX IT!!! It has ceased to be enjoyable playing your FREE games for tokens, and I do not think if you can’t do the free games correctly, what makes me want to BUY products from you? Oh, and by the way; YOU ordered some cheap clothes pins FOR me (I DID NOT ORDER THEM) and tried to charge me sixteen dollars . I did not order them!!! DO NOT PLACE ORDERS AND CHARGE ME!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!

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