I ordered a prom dress 4/13/2018 and paid extra $19.90 for expedited shipping by 4/28/2018 + $17.99 additional shipping + $120.00 for the dress total of $157.89. I contacted the company 4/23/2018 to ensure it would arrive on time because I noticed it wasn’t shipped yet. They messaged me back and said they are shipping it that was 4/28/2018. I asked for a refund on expedited shipping for which I did not receive. Not only did the item arrive late 5/1/2018 than the prom date 4/30/2018 it didn’t fit. Now the company doesn’t want to honor their own refund policy on shipping. They are refusing a refund because of size but the initial problem is delayed shipping. If the item would have arrived on time I could have had it altered and ready for prom. They said we can alter it however prom is over and my daughter is an only child. We have no other use for the dress. Order #U30180413013158412. I have several email messages referencing our conversations that I can send. Please help me get my money back I am a single mom and my daughter is going to college in a few months. I need all my money to support her funding.
This company doesn’t have a customer service number or a address listed on their website that I can get someone directly to talk with.

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