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On November 9th, 2018, I got an email from my boss asking me to buy $1500 worth of Google Play gift cards. I went to Duane Reade in New York, got 3 gift cards of 500$ each. After some minutes I realized the email from my boss was a scam (someone using his name but with a different email). Because I found out about the scam right after I bought the gift card, I DIDN’T SEND THE gift cards to the scammer.

As soon as I got home, I called Google play customer service [protected] ) to check how I could get a reimbursement of those gift cards that I was not going to use it. After talking with various customer service rep, and being reluctant to provide the gift card numbers, I finally gave to them and they checked that any of the gift card was redeemed: finally good news πŸ™‚ .

After hours on the phone, back and forth to see which party could give me a reimburmsnet, one Google Play customer service supervisor (Marky) gave a call to Walgreens corporation [protected]). The customer rep from Walgreens, Marky (Google customer support supervisor) and I spoke about the procedure to get the refund since the gift card was not redeem.

After providing the gift card number again to the Walgreens supervisor, opening a case, I was informed that Walgreen’s third party was going to investigate the case. They needed 2-3 weeks. By the end of the call, Marky (Google play) asked the Walgreens supervisor if he should deactivate/block the gift cards until the investigation was happening. And the Walgreens customer rep said “Yes please go ahead and block/deactivate”. Marky send me an email using a Case ID

After that call, I felt safe and happy with the resolution: my gift cards were deactivated/blocked and Walgreens third party was just going to investigate to check the card was not redeemed, which was confirmed innumerous times by Google on the call of November 9th. I hang up the phone happy, everything made sense, gifts card blocked and now wait for investigation!

Walgreens after some weeks (Nov 28th), sent me an email saying “We have worked diligently with our gift card vendor to research the cards that you purchased from Walgreens, and I regret to inform you that all of the funds have been depleted from the cards. Unfortunately you will not be eligible for any reimbursement.”
I told them this should be a misunderstanding and that they should recheck.

On Dec 4th, they got back to me again and said “Our gift card processor has reached out to Google to recheck the status of these cards and I’m sorry to inform you they have confirmed that the cards have been redeemed. There’s nothing more we can do to assist we have closed the case”

So I had to call to Google play to check was going on. On Dec 10th, I spent almost 3, 5 hours on the phone with Google Play customer service and had a horrible customer service! Spoke with a bunch of reps, explained the story dozen times, provided the gift cards number again. The only thing they would say it was that the gift cards were redeemed. I told them it was impossible since during the call of November 9th (with Walgreens) and Marky (Google Play supervisor), Marky said he was going to deactivate/block the gift cards). Google Play reps told me, that they don’t disactivate/block gift cards. RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT I REALIZED SOMETHING VERY WRONG HAPPENED AND I WAS SCAMMED BY SOMEONE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO SOLVE MY ISSUE!!!

After long discussions, finally one supervisor called Van said she would investigate (she said she would listen to the call of November 9th, where their supervisor called Marky told me he was blocking/deactivating my gift card) and get back to me on Dec, 12th

I didn’t get any calls on Dec 12th.

On Dec 16th, I called Google again and spent almost 4.5 hours on the phone, talking again with various customer rep and again and one supervisor called Paul said they would investigate (again I begged them to listen the call of November 9th, where Marky supervisor said he was going to deactivate/block the gift cards

On Dec 19th, I called again to check the status of the case and spoke with a manager from customer service called Gino. Gino listened (finally) to the call of Nov 9th and told me that Marky did say he was going to deactivate/block my gift cards. But he told me that Marky gave me the wrong information, that there is no possibility to block/deactivate a gift card. WHAT???? SO SOMEONE THAT REPRESENTS GOOGLE PLAY TELLS ME THEY WERE BLOCKING/DEACTIVATING MY GIFT CARD AND THIS IS A LIE? AND BY COINCIDENCE SOMEONE REDEEMED MY GIFT CARD AFTER NOVEMBER 9TH? No this can’t be, unbelievable.

To make it worst, Google Play refuses to get back to me if I don’t file a legal complain. Even though they know there was a huge flaw from their side, that someone gave me a complete incorrect information saying my gift cards were blocked/deactivate. How come a Google Play supervisor (Marky), which should have a lot of experience and competence did a huge mistake? How come by coincidence the gift card balance just vanished from the gift cards right after that? Please note that the gift cards are in my house and never left my house after that day, they are hidden in a specific place.

Google Play acknowledged all the mistakes that happen there and don’t want to investigate and get back to the customer, this is unacceptable! I am stunned with the fact that customer service, which was supposed to protect me, did such a harm into my life. I lost hours and hours on the phone and now I have the risk to don’t receive the $1500 back.

What can I do? I was scammed by customer service!!!

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