Yesterday night around 7 pm. My wife called to inquire on my account and the gentlemen she spoke with was extremely rude and arrogant as she asked to speak to a supervisor, he arrongantly stated he was one, I myself called back about 5 minutes later to report this incident and told the supervisor I spoke with all the facts time and etc. I was then told this matter would be handled as you have recorded lines for such incidents as this and I would receive a call back either last night or today, well the call back we got was not knowing if the matter as if they were just being told again, really you work with the public learn how to act professionally and leave any problems you may have at the door before you step in to work, I demand an apology to my wife from the supervisor Daniel or can’t remember it started with a D but it’s recorded and the times are reported or either proof that he was repramended for his unprofessional actions and I will continue to contact whoever I have to in order to get it even if I go to my local news station, I will not let this stand because right is right and wrong is wrong and I’m a paying customer never late on my payments but I expect to be treated with the utmost respect as I do for my wife also, this is no way to get continued business and we all know that’s what this is business. Sincerely John and Misty Smith
1460 Flem Vines Rd.
Quinton, AL. 35130
[protected] and cell [protected]

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