Tulare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

As far as the resident care I would give them a 2. They limit the number of briefs (diapers) your loved one is given within a day and the nurses and other higher ranks (not the LVN’s) get upset when you have to get more, because “they are spending too much on briefs”. Dont get me wrong alot of the CNA’s and LVNS really care about the residents but as far as the administrator and so forth, while trying to sell your family residency they ACT like they care and interact with the residents, but they don’t! There are even instances where the residents were in the lobby and they wanted us to take them back to their hall because they had families coming to look at the facility and a resident in the front with behaviors are not appealing. Mind you this is these residents only HOME. They even went as far as not allowing a residents son to visit him because his appearance and the way he held himself “scared” the residents. This poor resident had to visit with his son out side or through the front door; one time on a rainy day. This place is an absolute joke. I was forced to finish my work off the clock because the nurse would not approve overtime and would write me up if our work was not complete when I told the administer, he called in the owner and I WAS FIRED. This company uses intimidation and holds your job over your head. They claim to be family oriented but are far from that. I was pregnant and they wrote me up for switching residents because my resident had an illness that pregnant women were not allowed around. Not only that they garnished my wages and cant tell me where the money went, mind you I do not have any form of bills in collections and I do not owe IRS or anything. I have been trying to get my in-service hours to renew my license and they give me the go around and will not provide me with my in-service hours. The administrator is a self-centered JOKE who acts oblivious to anything going on but don’t let him fool you he is in for his own good. The owner will do anything to cover his back and get this, I asked to go on maternity leave because I was working till 8 months of pregnancy and I was told by the administrator to put my two weeks in and come back and apply when I am no longer pregnant! They may hire you because they are always in need due to the way they treat their employees but I HIGHLY advise you never work for this company, you will be miss treated.

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