Thunderbird Treatment Center

I have been to lakeside milam and Thunderbird I have to say after just visiting my daughter was a joke. No security. No structure. Patients could come and go as they please. The facility was not very clean. Patients were roaming everywhere and could go out to the street even. You could have as much money on you as you wanted. People have entered with alchol or left the facility only to return with alchol.

They were kicked out of the facility eventually but to be able to arrive with alchol should never have happened. We could have brought in alchol to our daughter and no one would have cared. We never signed in but once. There was no one to check it. You are allowed sugar, candy, caffeine etc. this while in recovery should be a no no, even I know this. Thunderbird was like a lay over place to stay for those that need a roof and a meal for a few days.

This place was a joke. I cannot say how the counseling was because we were never allowed to meet with the counselors that cared for our daughter. The entire over all feel, visual and participation etc. was just ridiculously unsafe and uncleanly and very unfriendly or helpful for families. Families should be a huge part of recovery and should be welcome. There should be classes to include family members in the recovery process and there was no such thing at Thunderbird. I would not recommend this facility to any families considering serious recovery for a family member.

My best friends son committed suicide after leaving this facility. Consider another facility. Please do not enter into Thunderbird until they choose to make this facility a reality for serious people that was to recover. Investigate the facility prior to choosing one. Lakeside Milam is very good but, remember that while attending Lakeside Milam you make your own recovery plan that you choose for yourself and stand by it. I did and I am very glad I did. Good luck to all of you. You are all definitely in my prayers. Take care of you.

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