Rehabilitation Centre of Fresno

This place really needs a reality check!!! License or upper management needs to come see this facility. They need to retrain all their workers..nurses especially!!! If being a nurse was this easy then maybe I can just be a nurse myself! I’m dead serious, it is bad! I feel like there is no communication in this facility towards all the staff. As much as you try to work and help these workers.. cna.. rn.. whateves.. they won’t work with you… it’s like ” you say.. she say..I say.. they say…idk.. go on with your life…. annoying.. ..very unprofessional.. they throw you to places.. like medical records, for instance if you want to know about your loved ones meds record or have copies, she will tell you “oh, we can’t make copies.” Well hello? Why didn’t you tell me that first? I asked the nurses and nurses told me to come down to medical records.. now this is bullshit! …. you guys gave meds to my person without having the family’s consent! …yes, my person might have a bad behavior and that’s what the “doctor” suggested… but how come we don’t ever get an update about anything.?? … etc….She thinks she knows what she’s saying or doing… she doesn’t. She needs to go back and learn about her policy instead of telling me that its policy. Retrained all those nurses so that all of you guys can be on the same page. And so I wouldn’t waste my time to medical records. She also asked me why do I need it?… oh, you’re not on the family list… only talk to the primary person… oh, your mother is not on the list either.. sorry can’t talk to her too… wtf???……Very unprofessional! Very unorganized! They don’t care .. hungry for money only… only doing the minimal!!!… they don’t know there policy or protocols! Btw, who’s there doctor anyways?… dk… Pros:
The Asian CNA are good though.. always have a smile on their faces..and will definitely help you. I love all the therapist there too. Very helpful and explanatory.

Praying for this facility to be better and get proper trainings … side note: always keep an eye on those nurses giving meds and some cna….

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